Traveling During the Holidays Couldn’t Feel Closer to Home

One thing people love to do this time of year is take a much-needed vacation.  Travel has always been an appreciated gift, and getting ready for a special trip can fill one with anticipation, wonder and joy.  For those taking their first trip overseas, all the details from getting a passport, setting up accommodations and learning a few words of the native language adds to the excitement of the trip.  I’ve found that taking as many shortcuts to get all the minute details out of the way can best be done by shopping online from one site like Amazon.  That way, it’s easy to track all the items I’ve purchased, what I paid for them, when they’ll arrive and because the site is so intuitive, I can even add suggested items I hadn’t thought of before.  There is one thing it didn’t suggest, and that’s using a Groupon to save money.  But I did, and in so many ways, I was amazed.  I don’t even have to stop making my plans to shop for dinner now that AmazonFresh offers meal delivery from local stores.

What I love most is the ease of use when I apply a Groupon code that I like.  I can save as much as 70{4aeedf1d0ee19f65edb2eb842edad49424837e290f1d2710bd9f5e6b25c437ae} with select codes for exclusive deals, and the savings really add up when you factor in Prime with its free, two-day shipping advantage.  This year, I’ve chosen to spend the holidays away from my family.  We’re not having a fight or feud, on the contrary, I’ve been encouraged to use my break from school to visit friends in Italy, and I can’t wait to get there.  It’s experiences like this that will enrich my life, and my family is all for it.  Communication today is so easy, I won’t feel like I’m missing out on any of the festivities.  And I know they will love to hear all about my trip when I return.  So for now, I’m tracking the warm clothing, boots and shoes and other accessories I’ve purchased on Amazon, and loading my Kindle up with great reading material to keep me busy on the long flight.  Ciao!